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Interview: Ronen Rubenstein (Some Kind of Hate, Condemned)

Interview-Ronen-Rubinstein-horrornews.net-(4)Actor Ronen Rubinstein gave such an intense, emotionally brilliant performance in the film “Some Kind of Hate.” He now stars alongside Dylan Penn in “Condemned,” directed and written by Eli Morgan Gesner.

“Some Kind of Hate” and “Condemned” were both incredible. How did you prepare to play the roles?

Ronen Rubinstein: For Lincoln (“Some Kind of Hate”) specifically he had a different hairstyle, physique and his posture.

When you were working alongside Andrew Bryniarski who portrays your father. The two you seemed like real father and son. What was it like working with him and the entire cast?

Ronen Rubinstein: Well specifically Andrew, I know his history, I know what he is capable of. There was a lot of trust with him. There was a lot of trust in him to do a scene like that, there was a lot of trust with him for me. I felt very comfortable with him in such a high intensity scene.

What projects are you working on next?

Ronen Rubinstein: Next, I have a film called “Smartass” and I co-star in it with Joey King. It is currently in post –production.

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What was it like working with Adam Egypt Mortimer of “Some Kind of Hate” and Director Eli Morgan Gesner who directed “Condemned?”

Well, Adam he was fantastic, you know he was a first time feature director, he wasn’t a first time over all director and he treated us as if he was a veteran. He loves the subject of horror and intelligent films.


What advice do you have for fellow actors/actresses that want a long term career?

Ronen Rubinstein: Never give up and believe in yourself. That is very important.



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