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Horror Short Films – Submission Page

Horror Short Films – Submitting

As HorrorNews.net continues its efforts in archiving and presenting one of the largest horror film trailer collections on the Internet, we wanted to offer an additional opportunity to short film filmmakers. We will be initiating a “Horror Short Films” section to our site of which will be dedicated to providing a location where our readers can access your films to view, comment or recommend.

(please don’t not submit trailers here – as we prefer those come over as press releases)

We ask that you fill out the form below with a link to your film that we can grab for inclusion onto our site.

Please include a synopsis, and year of creation

**do not paste in your embed code as the form strips this out. Better to just add a URL link to the source.

If you would like your film credits to be included as “tags” please include on a separate line (names only, leave out titles)

Films will be listed as:

Horror Short Film:_______name of film_____

Please add to the subject line:

Horror Short Film: “name of film” (year)

Note: this will speed up the process and identify your film over news submissions

Images: (max width allowed 450 pixels) (max height 400)



  1. Horror Short Film: Myrrha (2013)

    The night before a bachelorette-hiking extravaganza, three girls wait for the bride to be at a cabin in the mountains. The enjoyable evening is shattered when they receive a call from Sarah, informing them that she is bringing her sister from a mental hospital. Horrified, the three girls gossip rumors of Kali and fear what mad and macabre will follow her when she arrives.

  2. Short film by Gigglyboy called “The ATM” at:


    Thank You

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