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Book Review: Hooked: A True Fairie Tale – Author Michael Brent Collings

HOOKED: A TRUE FAIRIE TALE By: Michael Brent Collings Eve is not your ordinary high school student. Imprisoned by alienation, isolation, self-contempt and loathing she struggles to fit in amongst a concrete jungle. On the verge of despair and giving up a new boy is in town, Rocky. Virtually sweeping her off her feet, Eve wonders if Rocky is the …

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Book Review: The Haunted – Author Michael Brent Collings

The Haunted By: Michael Brent Collings The lives of Sarah and Cap seem perfect. United in matrimonial bliss and devoted to their eternal love for one another they purchase a new house. As a starter home to raise their family, the expectant parents to be soon realize they’d gotten themselves into something for more than what they’d bargained for. Collings’s …

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