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Film Review: Freaky (2020)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: After swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent. REVIEW: There’s been countless iterations of the Body Swap trope. It’s a basic setup with limitless potential. Show your two characters’ lives, swap them up, shenanigans ensue, they learn about …

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10 Worst Films Of 2016

Fifty years from now, 2016 will be remembered as a outstanding year for horror films in general. There were some sizable horror hits at the box office this year, and while not all of the bigger hits were especially good films, it’s never a bad thing if the genre you’re particular to has a good year. But I’m not here …

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Film Review: Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Shortly after Jesse and Hector graduate high school, the teens witness fellow classmate Oscar racing from the apartment of Anna, a neighbor who is rumored to be a bruja. When the suspected witch is later discovered dead, Jesse and Hector, along with Marisol, investigate the woman’s apartment only to discover pictures of Jesse lying in a ritualistic black magic …

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