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NEW TRAILER + Release Date: Full Moon Features’ ‘Blade: The Iron Cross’

I’m pumped to bring you frighteningly fun news on a Friday! My client, Full Moon Features, just announced the release date and trailer for the first-ever standalone feature film, Blade: The Iron Cross, centered around its most beloved character, the homicidal hook-handed puppet assassin – Blade – from their iconic Puppet Master series.

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Teaser Trailer Premiere: BLADE: THE IRON CROSS

Feast your eyes on the official teaser trailer for BLADE: THE IRON CROSS! Circle the monstrous month of March 2020 as the time when you’ll get your first taste of the next DEADLY TEN title, BLADE: THE IRON CROSS! Director John Lechago’s kinky and twisted spin-off of the anti-Nazi PUPPET MASTER “AXIS” trilogy starring everyone’s favorite murderous marionette is in …

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