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Book Review: Netherworld – Issue 1 Author Chad Jones

NETHERWORLD Written by Chad Jones Art by Brazilian and RB Silva. Published Author Studio 407 Publication Date: 2009 Format: Color Price: $2.99 “Netherworld” has alien zombies. Most people will probably make up their mind about this comic after that statement alone, but let me continue. Netherworld is about two reluctant scientists, Emily Hark and Ernst Voss, drafted into a mission …

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Film Review: Cat’s Eye (1985)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Three shocking Stephen King short stories are linked by a stray cat that roams from one tale to the next. First, Dick (James Woods) is trying to quit smoking by any means necessary — even joining a shady self-help organization. Next, Johnny (Robert Hays) is an adulterous man forced by the wronged husband to circle a …

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