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No Time to Die, Bond 25 Finally Has a Release Date

The longest running single movie franchise in the history of Hollywood, the James Bond series has weathered 60 years of history across its soon-to-be 25 feature film run. These espionage action thrillers are traditionally adapted from writer Ian Fleming’s 60s spy novels, though always with a healthy dose of artistic license. Despite setbacks and false starts, the series has managed, …

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Top X Horror Games

What are the Top Horror Games you know? A series of them will make your gaming experience scary, both when gaming and after. They will leave you feeling vulnerable and powerless. Some of them will even instill fear in you. But do you know that it’s a scary experience that the majority of people like?

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How to Watch a Scary Movie If You’re a Scaredy-cat

For some people, scary/horror movies provide them with just the right amount of adrenaline and excitement that they need for an entertaining evening. Naturally, there are others out there who would feel much better if they skipped out on that adrenaline and the jump scares altogether. However, seeing a scary movie from start to finish can be an entirely thrilling …

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Ways to Pass the Time While you are Waiting for the Next Horror Blockbuster to Hit the Screens

Any horror movie fan will have enjoyed one of the very few upsides that the last 12 months have presented. The time spent indoors with very little to do except watch your favorite movies will have given you the chance to revisit old favorites, as well as delve into the ones you have never gotten around to watching before – …

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