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Interview: David Hewlett – Director (Debug)

Debug-DAVID-HEWLETT-interview-(3)David Hewlett may think the star of his film DEBUG is a “force of nature” but Hewlett himself is quite the force. He took some time out of his hectic schedule to speak with Horrornews.net and he spoke about working with everyone favorite primal man, Jason Momoa and just what does it take to get a film out there. DEBUG was released on DVD on June 8th and it is worth it to see this movie. DEBUG (2014) stars: Tenika Davis, Adrian Homens, Kerr Hewitt, Jason Momoa, Sidney Leeder and Adam Butcher. It was written and directed by Hewlett. His energy is catchy and his work dedication is front and center. Hewlett is also working on DARK MATTER (TV Series). Make sure to check out DEBUG and Mr. Hewlett’s work and check out our interview.

Was Jason Momoa the first choice for DEBUG? (A HUGE Thank you to Sunny White)

Mr. Hewlett- No, Jason wasn’t. The original idea was to make this a tiny Sci-Fi movie and I was actually going to play the Jason role. It became larger and we needed a name. You need somebody who will bring in audiences. The name game is a very frustrating and entirely mysterious process to me. I mentioned Jason because I had worked with him before, I love the guy! He is such a force of nature.

What were the challenges you faced making this film?

Mr. Hewlett- Time, it is always time. People always say money, but money buys time. We were so rushed every stage of the game.

How did you prepare for this film?

Mr. Hewlett- We did not have enough time to prep the way I would have liked to. I’m obsessive and compulsive. I am a total nerd with this stuff. I want everything in place before we start. We would show on set and it had to be built. I would have killed for another week to prepare. We were in that weird zone of between being a low budget movie and an okay funded movie. It was a great introduction to larger film-making.


What advice would you give to future actor, directors and writers?

Mr. Hewlett- That’s a great question because you know what I get it a lot from different people. I have the same response for writers, actors and directors. Make something! We have at your fingertips now, worldwide distribution via youtube etc. There is no excuse not to make stuff. Go on Youtube, there are all these amazing short films that are going to be made into giant Hollywood features because someone put their heart and soul into it! Writers, you want to write something, find someone to direct it and if you cannot find someone, direct it yourself.


FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Hewlett/104039112967388?fref=ts

YOUTUBE – DEBUG https://youtu.be/fOXtVuWrA4A

DAVID HEWLETT TWITTER – https://twitter.com/dhewlett


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