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Film Review: Psycho Killer Bloodbath (2011)

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Two (somewhat) interconnected stories about people in a small town being attacked by murderous inmates. One part of the movie focuses on a nurse and a doctor at a lunatic asylum who must struggle to survive the night when all the dangerous patients break free and take over the hospital and the other revolves around one of the escapees terrorizing a group of friends partying in an abandoned house.


I didn’t know anything about Psycho Killer Bloodbath until I saw it recently but thought that it sounded like it might have potential to be a pretty fun movie. Sure, it sounded unoriginal as Hell but I was willing to give it a shot as I was hoping that it was going to be a hidden gem. After checking it out I can honestly say that I am not sure how I felt about it. I liked it, but at the same time I didn’t. While I did like the idea of the stories being kind of connected I think that the filmmakers should have scrapped the entire segment that takes place with the two women trapped inside the mental hospital with the inmates and just focused on the other story as it was much more interesting and could have been a full-length movie all by itself. It seemed to me that a lot more effort was put into the party segment and that the other one was more than a little half-assed.

Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(4) Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(5) Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(3)

I thought that the story that took place in the hospital was pretty boring and just sort of pointless. Basically we have two women who work there that find themselves trapped inside the hospital after all the crazed inmates escape. They are tormented in a number of ways by the deranged patients and must find a way to fight back. On paper it sounds like it could be interesting but the execution (as well as the acting) was a little sloppy and I just didn’t care for it. I thought that the majority of the inmates were more annoying than anything (especially George Russell who played Patient # 69) and they got old very, very fast. This story seems to go on for way too long and the payoff is really nothing to write home about as it just sort of peters out in the end without anything amazing-or that interesting-taking place. To me this segment was done just so the filmmakers had a reason to get Dani Lowe and Carly Bush (who play the trapped doctor and nurse) completely nude and nothing else. It was pretty hard for me to make it all the way through this segment at times as it is so dull and predictable but somehow I managed to pull it off (and I was a little surprised I was able to do so without fast-forwarding through it).


While the second story is nothing particularly spectacular it is better than the first. I liked the cast (which is made up of a lot of very attractive women) and even though the acting is a little shaky it is a vast improvement over the other segment. This story revolves around a bunch of college kids hanging out an old house in the middle of nowhere getting drunk, screwing, and just having a good time in general when a blood-covered woman rushes in and tells them that an escaped psycho from the local booby hatch has just killed all of her friends. Of course the killer in question ends up showing up and starts picking off members of the group one after the other. It doesn’t sound like anything you haven’t already seen a thousand times before but there is a nice little twist toward the end that I didn’t see coming that works perfectly. As I said earlier I thought that this segment was vastly superior to the other and I wouldn’t mind seeing this made into an actual full-length film someday and I think it would be quite awesome if done right. I think that Mia (played by Sofia V. Mendez who unfortunately passed away in 2011) made this segment and that she did an awesome job all around, as did a few other people who appeared in it.

Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(2) Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(8) Psycho-Killer-Bloodbath-2011-movie-Carlo-Rodriguez-(1)

Psycho Killer Bloodbath (not digging the title by the way as it sounds pretty generic) isn’t a horrible movie but it isn’t great either. I guess I thought that it was just so-so. There were some things about it that I really liked (such as when the identity of the infamous Patient 47-who is mentioned several times throughout the movie-is finally revealed, the effects-which looked good for the most part considering the low budget the filmmakers had to work with, and the entire party segment) while there were others that I didn’t (the entire first segment, the horrible theme song-which almost made my ears bleed it is so corny and bad-and some of the acting). Check it out if it sounds like something that you might be into as you could do a whole lot worse. Just take my advice though and completely skip the parts that have to do with the inmates taking over the hospital and move right into the party segment.

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  1. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1476420/?ref_=nm_knf_i3

    This Film Was Originally A Shortfilm Called “Psycho Killer Attack”(2009) and consisted of simply the college kids getting slaughtered.


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