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Killer Rack Trailer Will Knocker you Out!

Slaughtered Lamb Productions has released the first trailer for the screwball horror comedy Killer Rack, directed by Gregory Lamberson (Slime City).  The film stars newcomers Jessica Zwolak and screenwriter Paul McGinnis (both of whom appeared in Lamberson’s Dry Bones and Gave Up The Ghost), as well as genre veterans Debbie Rochon, Michael Thurber, Lloyd Kaufman, Roy Frumkes and Brooke Lewis as the Voice of the Boobs.  Slaughtered Lamb also released 16 character posters for the film, including a graphic depiction of the titular creatures in one of their incarnations.


Killer Rack tells the story of Betty (Zwolak), who gets breast enhancement surgery from Dr. Cae Thulu (Rochon).  Betty soon discovers her new assets are actually man-eating Lovecraftian monsters hell bent on world domination, and only she can stop them.  The filmmakers, currently wrapping post production, are running an IndieGoGo campaign to cover the cost of film festival submission fees.


Killer Rack was shot in Buffalo, New York, and features such local talent as Sam Qualiana, Robert Bozek, Michael O’Hear and Alexander Sloan McBryde.  Stop motion animation was provided by Brett Piper, special make-up effects by Arick Szymecki, and special visual effects by Chris Cosgrave.  Lamberson worked with his longtime editor, Phil Gallo.

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