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Looking for Reviewers to Review Perverse Cinema

This entry is a call out for film reviewers of a different nature. We are looking for reviewers to take on the review of a slew of what we are calling “perverse films“. These films don’t fit comfortably in 1 particular category as they span the gamut of being cultish, erotic, surreal, alternative, foreign, racist, incestual, and generally disturbing on some levels. While some may lean closer to bizarre French cinema, others may just be interesting directorial 1-offs.

While you might be wondering, what do these have to do with horror? Horrornews.net is not exclusively horror titles. We also review and cover cult films, Asian films and various cross-genre films. (although it’s my opinion that many perverse cinema films DO cross over into horror). We would say that horror is our focus, but not our limitation.

We have quite a bit of these films which require reviews. It might possibly be the most eclectic titles we’ve ever reviewed but keep in mind they fall somewhere between really bizarre and interesting to possibly pretentious and boring.

Please do not respond without an example of your review writing skills. Because of the level of insight and attention these require, we are asking for reviewers with a “voice” to their reviews. Film student style writing usually make great matches for these movies,

If you don’ mind downloading “private folder” digital copies to review and write about…….then drop us a line at positions@horrornews.net

With the subject header: “Perverse film Reviewer”

baba-yaga-movie goodbye-uncle-tom-1971

Now we do ask that you also follow our site standards of refraining from inappropriate language and keeping the reviews to a 650 word min. We have found that this also gives the writers an online portfolio of written works which may serve you elsewhere.

Please note that you will be a our go-to guys or gal for these films, as long as you can take it. This is for site contribution only, but you’ll be helping the genre with keeping the Internet full of content for titles that may have fallen under the radar or might have been forgotten all together. Your reviews “do” get read, and by millions over the course of years.

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