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“Wake The Dead” Espresso Blend Just in time for Zombie Apocalypse

Introducing: Zombie Apocalypse Espresso Blend “Wake The Dead” Coffee. This is an espresso blend coffee made to wake the dead! Our first and only espresso blend offering to date. This espresso was inspired by our wanting to know if we could create a more intense espresso than Kenya Turkish. After months of trying we finally hit the mark with an espresso that has a very rich and dark flavor and a wonderful smooth, lingering finish. This espresso blend is slightly smoky with hints of dark unsweetened chocolate. The flavor is heavy, but there is no bitterness.

Many have said this is the best espresso blend roasted in America today.


This is a craft product. Small batch roasted of high quality Estate Grown Organic beans responsibly sourced by twenty five year craft roasting veteran Fred Cashmere. ZAEB is a great every day roast, or as a classic shot espresso, latte’, Americano, or iced. The perfect roast for the Coffee Zombie that wakes up dead to the world until they get their coffee infusion!

Fred Cashmere has been passionate about his coffee since the 1980’s. He soon decided to make his passion his life. Fred roasts coffee using a cast-iron, gas-fired drum roaster in a studio in Chatham, NY. He has found that consistency and a balanced cup is best achieved in a blend. Fred’s custom blends set him apart from the average coffee or espresso experience. No one in America roasts and blends beans with such skill and passion. He starts with the best organic beans he can get straight from the farm and is committed to a small footprint in bringing the beans from the farm to your table.

When he developed this blend and got such a strong response Fred decided he wanted to give it a fun name. Byron Rempel, Zombie Artist is the artist Fred chose to illustrate the fun nature of this surprisingly serious espresso Blend.

Zombie_bag_o Zombie_decaf_bag_cu

For a limited time you can get a 5oz taster of Zombie Apocalypse Espresso Blend Coffee Beans for $9.99 shipping included in the lower 48 States. (Until 12/15/2014)
A bag this size allows you to try around 14 espresso shots, two Eight cup pots or six intense extra large three scoop French Press mugs.

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  1. Baratza Vario Will make even more horror to those beans. :D


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