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Fim Review: Wasted Night (short film) (2014)



This is another great little film by the talented young director, Joseph Catté. I had the honour of reviewing another one of his (‘Like A Doll’) earlier on this year and his follow up certainly does not disappoint. He uses the same light-hearted approach to make Wasted Night, in which he manages to get the balance of being quirky and sinister just right – something which isn’t easy to achieve. Despite exploring some potentially ‘dark’ themes, I love the fact that Joseph Catté just has fun with it. I think that really shows in his work, and makes them all the better for it.

There doesn’t need to be a lot of explanation behind this creation, it pretty much appears to exhibit the world’s worst dinner guest! Just imagine taking a girl out on a date to a nice restaurant…and then think of all the worst table manners you can, that’s what’s on the menu for this short film. The whole thing is very tongue-in-cheek. It’s sort of disgusting in its own way, but mostly just a hilarious watch. I don’t know what it is about seeing a beautiful woman viciously tear a steak to pieces like an animal and lick a stick of butter with a seriously ‘crazed’ expression, but it just makes for brilliant viewing. Wasted Night is such a simple idea, which is probably why it works.


 Once again Pauline Helly plays the leading actress and once again she manages to captivate. There’s no doubt that this lady has mastered her craft. She never utters a single word during the course of the two minute film, but she is still someone that I can’t take my eyes off. I love that she was not afraid to get down and dirty for this short film, literally covering herself in soup and wine. And the co-star is none other than Joseph Catté himself! His calm reactions compliment Pauline Helly’s frenzied feeding just perfectly.

Wasted-Night-(short-film)-by-Joseph-Catté.mp4.0000All I’d say is – check this one out, as it’s well worth a watch. Perhaps even take the time to see Joseph Catté’s other endeavours. Wasted Night is, admittedly, rather silly, but that’s what it’s aiming for. It’s short and to the point, so doesn’t waste any precious time trying to set up the story. This is a true little gem.

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