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TV Review: The Flash (Season 1 – Pilot Episode) (2014)

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A TV show centered around scientist Barry Allen, who suffers a freak accident that turns him into a superhero with the power of incredible speed.


It’s about time that “the Flash” superhero got picked up to reboot his character into the 21st century. “The Flash”, one of the most interesting characters out of  the DC comics universe gets a TV series run this Fall with CW’s debut of “The Flash”. In the pilot episode we are introduced to our new main character and his origin which stems from a childhood trauma that resulted in the death of his mother. Actor Grant Gustin plays the lead role of Barry Allen, who becomes “The Flash”.



Barry is a scientist and crime consultant who assists in the occasional police case. His origin is revealed when an accelerated particle generate explodes and sends a freak lighting bolt crashing down on the him. The result is the acceleration of his DNA which gives Barry the powers of ultra hyper speed, accelerated healing and the ability to slow time when needed (The transition reminded me a bit of when the “Greatest America Hero (80’s TV series) first discovers his super-powered outfit). Barry soon takes on the identity of “The Flash” with intent on fighting crime  bearing a name inspired by a recent comment. Though, Barry is not alone in his discovery aided by a small team of scientists who also discover his change. Soon, a red suit is presented to help Barry acclimate to his body’s ultra kinetic high speeds.The-Flash-TV-Show-2014-Grant-Gustin-CW-13

Impressive for TV, the visuals here are done the way we might imagine them to roll out with our newly self-appointed hero now intent on battling the local crime scene. Personally I think the TV show “Heroes” paved the way for alot of new hero driven franchises to emerge and take form.


What is even more interesting (and a highpoint for me as a comic fan) is the instant creation of potential villains. In the pilot we encounter a criminal who controls weather whom we might recall from the comic books taking on the villain name of the “Weather Wizard”. We are also revealed that this particle accelerate mishap “may” have affected more recipients than anticipated. The notion suggests a pool of altered humans who I’m sure will be the foundation of this future Flash universe.



Astute fans will also recognize the suggestion of another future villain who makes more “subliminal” appearance in episode 1. Comic book fans who caught the yellow version of Flash (briefly) know full well that, that  can only mean the inevitable appearance of the “Reverse-Flash”. The debut episode also hints to who that “might” be.

However, I’m probably getting ahead of things, as the main objective of this episode is to introduce Barry, his close friends and his new colleagues who can’t help but take an interest in the scientific aspects of Barry’s enhanced state. Barry also alludes to a crush on his best friend Iris West played by actress Candice Patton.


Other important details revealed in this episode is the connection between Flash and the character from the series “Arrow”. I’m told that this moment is a residual sub story coming off the tail end of the “Arrow” season 2 series.

“The Flash” will premiere on October 7

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