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Blockbuster Liquidation Sale Prices (suck!)

BlockbusterIf you’re hankering to stock up your horror collection, I couldn’t think of a better time than to get a bundle of titles at liquidation prices. Like its former rival “Hollywood Video”, Blockbuster is also facing the end of the road. With discounts in mind, I still view it as a sad time in our culture as the experience of VHS and DVD shopping brought it’s own level of excitement to movie renters (myself included). While genre fans looked to web sites for the announcement of titles, it was always easier to just drive down and look to the shelves. (Well maybe not easier, but more comprehensively faster).

With that said, today marks the first of the last days. Which means, that the best of the titles left are ripe for picking at a discount.

However, before you run off and pay “supply and demand” prices, you should know that those liquidation prices (are actually in most cases) pricier than if you were to buy them new or on Amazon.

Keep in mind these are “used” prices. Also that BB used films often leave out the extra disks that come with new purchases. For instance a purchase of “Now You See Me” only provides a single disc marked “movie only””

Blu rays are marked at $19.99 regular, now with a 35% off discount (which brings them to $12.99)

All DVD’s are marked as being “marked down” to $9.99

For a liquidation sales, this is absurd since weeks before you could get a “buy 1 get free” on movies $12.99, or a 2 for $20 on used blurays (depending which sale of the week they were running). In fact, movies marked at $6.99 were also on sale for 25% (closer to $5, which now they were marked back up to $6.99)


It appears that Blockbuster is taking advantage of its liquidation hoping that the rush of supply and demand will get buyers to spend more in fear that all titles will be gone. (rental titles that is…..) I’m sure if you were to shop around, you’d find that DVD’s at $9.99 even for new ones is more than consumers want to pay.

So what did I do?

For 1 many of these titles you can run to Walmart and get new for $7.99 (still cheaper than the BB used $9.99 price)

If you happen to have an “Entertainmart” store near you, I suggest going there instead. I was curious, so I drove over to “Entertainmart” and found many of the titles priced at $6, $5 and even $4 (blurays that is)

Not to mention they are having a %40 off sale on Black Friday! (yep that means $6 blurays will only cost $3.60!!)

Did I buy any from BB?
Yes, but only 2 titles that I knew I couldn’t obtain from Best Buy or other retails stores because they have been out of circulation for awhile  (the $9.99 blurays, that is)

So ……the lesson to be learned here is that BB still stands to make alot of money off you in hopes that the “liquidation” banner will blind you. Or maybe it’s the store full of people that causes you feel pressure that the last 2 copies of R.I.P.D are the last in the world. (Expect even these new titles to go on sale during Black Friday week)

Advice: if you can, wait till end of December and then see what gems are left over at much better discounts.

For those who can wait it out, you can expect titles discounts to decrease the closer we move to final close (a few weeks to months into Jan of 2014). I remember fondly, the last 1-2 days of “Hollywood Video”, where I could bring a bag with me and fill it up with DVD’s prices as $1 each. Will BB follow the same? Probably so, but that also means the ones you really want will be gone. (Actually you can just go buy them new on Amazon….just saying…..)

What the liquidation “should” have been?
5 blurays or DVDS for $20…………………….thats a true liquidation….not 5 for $64.95

Blockbuster memorabilia…. that is what they should be offering, so we can pay homage to a “once mainstay” in everyone’s lives.

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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that I still collect VHS tapes , I get them at farmers markets and TUNES records stores here in NJ still sell used VHS tapes too. It’s hard to find good ones that I don’t have , but I just can’t give up on my VHS tapes. I currently own 10 VCR’s.


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