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Enjoy A Clip From The Convention Documentary FANTASM

Making its debut this coming weekend at the Rock and Shock show in Worcester MA is the convention documentary FANTASM. The film takes an in depth and behind the scenes look at conventions and the people and celebrities that attend them. As any of us who attend conventions with any regularity can attest, there is nothing quite like the vibe of hanging out with a bunch of like minded horror geeks for an entire weekend and FANTASM attempts to bring a little of that experience home via DVD.

Holding the premiere at Rock and Shock isn’t an accident according to director Kyle Kuchta “Rock and Shock was the first convention I went to as a kid, and those experiences were the inspiration behind Fantasm. To be able to premiere the film there is an absolute honor.”

While showing what a great time a convention can be we are also treated to insight of some celebrities in attendance. The likes of Tom Atkins, Heather Langenkamp and Lloyd Kaufman share their views on conventions and those that attend. While certainly not the first documentary to attempt to capture the convention experience, early word is that this one is a notch above the rest. If you’re heading to Rock and Shock this weekend make it a priority to get in on this one. For the rest of us, I’m sure there is a DVD/Blu-ray announcement in our future.

Enjoy the clip:



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