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Horror Funding: The Quandary of Kickstarter Press Releases

Hey there readers,

I figured it might be due time to tackle the issue that has sparked incredibly to the forefront in recent years in regards to Horror Project Funding Sessions. To clarify for those who are unaware, it is the rise in funding campaigns that include new films, products, books, toys and a smaller genre specific projects.

These are easily recognizable as they always start with an introduction about the film or project ending with a plea for others to visit their funding page. To be more specific than that we like to call them Indigogo press releases. or ,maybe “Kickstarter” campaigns is more accurate.


In any case there are a few options out there for small time operations looking for funds to start their project. Call it the era of entrepreneurship , if you must. Heck, for those seeking these sites, this looked like a good page to reference


For the purpose of this article, my point is a bit more directed to web sites such as ours who quite literally receive these inquiries/ press releases on a daily basis. To be a bit more literal, it can be quite maddening at times and for lack of better terms “spammy”.

Where this breaks down (and I’ll use ourselves and other like examples), is that we are looked to report news…..thus our brand “HorrorNews.net“. Many of these projects never ACTUALLY become news. In fact, their purpose is to get off the ground so that they can “become” news. Or more specifically, the films or products don’t exist yet, therefore may never exist, meaning that any report of a new film coming using “Kickstarter” may never actually materialize (long winded, but to the point).

However as a representative of the horror market, it seems quite imperative that we support this effort at the same time based on the argument that we are driving the horror market, showing support to our audience and generally caring that others care enough to reach out. Sure thing, I get it, no further explanation needed

Yes this is the quandary. And to reference our particular industry, many times horror sites (more than less) ignore these requests, mark as spam, delete, and don’t bother with response “because” of these reasons.

It makes alot of sense (really it does). For reasons mentioned prior..

Why should horror news sites report on basically “non-news news”?

Responsibility to genre? Acts of faith? Show of good will?


Ok, so …… to give you all a perspective. Up till this article, we have mostly ignored these requests (with some exceptions, like the “Slenderman” dolls, that I really want to own!)


I sat and thought about it over a cup of coffee this morning and healthy plate of bacon. I thought.…. perhaps there is a solution at hand.


But first, let me offer some advice of which sounds self serving but really is honest Marketing advice. Think about taking out ads for a month at a time (note this could be our site or others……..really the point is more important here). A single news post will get buried sometimes within 24 hours or sooner on news posting blogs (such as ours). Meaning that, as new news comes in, yours will soon filter off on down to page 2, 3…..and so on)

Think about the first portion of your budget going to this form of visibility

(Trust me…..my day job is marketing for a billion dollar company (that has nothing to do with horror)

Your news post (even if it gets posted) may be off the radar within hours. So essentially your target audience may never see it long enough to care about giving you money anyways……….

If you take out an ad, (we’ll use our site for example), that is a month guarantee of 100’s of 1000’s seeing it on a daily basis …. your odds have just increased enormously. That doesn’t mean you will get 100’s of 1000’s of dollars, but you may capture the giving hearts of a few concerned readers.


So, that’s not an option? No problem, we still want to offer “something” on a very basis level.
OK, I give, you win…………. let’s do something constructive!


Starting, well….. today………… HorrorNews.net will be accepting all “Horror Funding” press releases to be public and archived under the category of “Horror Funding“. To keep things easy, we can’t dedicate alot of time to maintaining it, however, we can have them all visible on one page for readers to access REAL easy (and with the most recent, as well)

If your product, film or funding campaign is NOT relative to our genre, it will get deleted. plain and simple. We are not supplying the world of funding, just our lovely horror genre folks. So funding PR’s for self help books, or skateboards…may not get included.

There ya go, let the flood gates open……


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  1. I think the landscape of crowd funding is changing w/ some Hollywood actors even looking to get their projects funded. It’s not just a game for local indie directors any longer, it’s for everyone. A lot of these projects may never get fully funded, but HorrorNews.net has always been about supporting horror at every level. We’ve interviewed and reviewed films from the smallest to the largest budget. It’s never made a difference to our staff. We love horror. This new HNN funding page is HERE and it’s what makes HorrorNews.net the very best horror website in the Universe. It will give non-funded horror projects a new and exciting place to gain exposure.


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