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Looking for “Extreme Cinema” Horror Reviewers! – HorrorNews.net

As we build upon our extreme section, and recognizing films that fit this classification, we have need for about 5 reviewers to help us get caught up and get them all reviewed. As far as products go, we have about 100-200 to still get thru, so plenty to go around.

The reason this post is “specific”, is that “extreme cinema” is a desired taste that is NOT for everyone. So we prefer those who understand the type of genre these films cater to and how to review them appropriately.

For clarification on that: please see our 2 sections:

– Non paid
– We supply the films for review per “private” reviewing folder (online only)
– Each reviewer will be assigned 3 at time (to be reviewed within 1 1/2 weeks)
– Reviews must be 650 words min (to submit)
– Films will range from CAT III (Asian) to “extreme Cinema (non Asian)

Specific guidelines for HorrorNews.net reviewers

To qualify:
– must have experience reviewing films with examples to show
– must be well versed and can write a professional review
– can write a review in an honest, critical, and objective view (no harsh language, or “angry” reviewer approach please – “we strive to keep a cleanly written site”)

The bonus for reviewers, is that we have collected MOST of the extreme / CAT III films available on the market (with a handful of exceptions). This is a chance to see these, give a professional review and add to the HorrorNews.net collective.

This “section” and collective is viewed by millions per year

Please email me at positions@horrornews.net
Also include a link or example of your reviewing skills for evaluation

If you are not a fan or detest the nasty stuff (hardcore violent / gore cinema) ,pease do not inquire, as these films are not for you!!! (really, we mean it)

If you have products that you “think” fit this classification and want to submit for review, please drop us a line directly at news@horrornews.net

Note: “extreme” horror films DO NOT include general slashers, zombie films (with some exceptions), general horror, supernatural horror and related. You film must really push the taboo, hardcore envelope to qualify (which is sometimes a grey area)

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