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‘Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil’ Plants Firmly with New Trailer

Award winning actor/director Timothy Woodward Jr., in conjunction with Sky Studios, a content partner of NBC/Fox/ABC’s on-demand outlet Hulu, has exceeded expectations with his most recent horror/thriller flick Finders Keepers. The artwork and official trailer for Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil hit IMDB and the web on Thursday November 15th and has since garnered a buzz that continues to build. Taking a page from actor/director Ben Affleck’s book, Woodward both acts in and directs this feature written by Pia Cook and Todd Gordon. Cook and Woodward have become quite a pair, working together on several films including “Blackout” starring Timothy Woodward Jr. and Emmy award winning actor Bill Oberst Jr., and the much anticipated first installment of the new modern day Dracula trilogy.

Filming of Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil has been wrapped up, and Woodward is working diligently on post-production and is planning the release of the film for the beginning of 2013. The unique feature of this film, is that during casting, Woodward intentionally chose non-actors and actors with very little experience. While most people would consider this foolish, it certainly paid off. The final product is gritty, realistic and raw.

This film takes the story of a band of degenerate criminals and crashes their dastardly plots and schemes into the lives of a group of 20 something year olds who are innocently celebrating a birthday. The character that stands out the most is that of “Chuck” played by Richard Bachellor who showed up on set the first day of filming and refused to leave until he was given a part. Bachellor was casted almost by accident, and turned out to produce one of the most spectacular performances of the film.

According to Woodward, Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil was shot for a surprising low budget, but because of the high quality performances, stellar camera work, and filming the majority of the film in the woods, it has the look and feel of a film with a significantly higher budget.

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