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CM Punk : Best in the World

CM Punk (Phil Brooks) dropped a Pipe Bomb on June 27th, 2011 that launched his career into the WWE Universe. If this super STAR wasn’t shining bright before that date, he has certainly been a blinding spectacle ever since. The brand new WWE DVD set, “CM Punk, Best in the World”, featuring a documentary that chronicles Punk’s long, hard journey to the top the heap. This is a well done documentary and has some nice surprises throughout. You learn about the roots of CM Punk and all that made him who he is today.

You learn a great deal about CM Punk’s family turmoil that Chris Jericho made light of earlier this year during their feud. There is a lot of honesty in the DVD, and that is surprisingly refreshing. If there is one thing WWE does right, it’s the production of content of material in many of there of DVD’s. This is no exception, and exceeds expectation. You learn how CM Punk got his name and character and how is excelled from backyard wrestling into the independent circuit. When I look at the current WWE Champion, I have to question, am I looking at CM Punk or Phil Brooks? In my opinion, they are pretty much one in the same. What you see when you watch CM Punk is honesty and devotion and that’s who he is. He’s dropped a lot of pipe bombs along the way waiting for one blow up bigger and better. It was a pleasant surprise to see Ring of Honor footage of the classic matches between CM Punk and Samoa Joe. You also get to see some magical moments from CM Punk against Chris Hero on the independent circuit.

“I’m a Paul Heyman guy”, is probably the best remembered line from his famous shoot interview on the June 27th, 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw. There is a reason why and it’s documented here, from the time Punk signed his developmental contract with the WWE, and started in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Paul Heyman seen something in Punk that apparently no one else did and voiced this to management, questioning why Punk wasn’t being brought up to RAW or Smackdown to Main Event. It’s the opinion of some that Heyman’s praise for CM Punk, actually hurt Punk’s chances rather than helped them. It wasn’t until ECW was re-launched and Paul Heyman had some control of who he could bring into the promotion, that CM Punk hit national television.

Every week on RAW, we watch CM Punk talk about not getting the respect that he deserves. In a sense this is art imitating life, because the truth is that Punk never did get any respect from WWE management. They never thought he had “the look”. He never had the cookie cutter frame of a John Cena, despite his love for cookies. The documentary follows the timeline of CM Punk’s title wins and feuds, and despite him first getting the World Title there was still that question of respect. The WWE powers that be, yanked the title from Punk on his first go around, clearly making a statement that they had no faith in him. CM Punk continued to have to re-prove himself to warrant a 2nd World Title reign, and so on. He reached the top of every mountain he has climbed, and scratched and clawed to get there. He still has some more to prove even now. Despite being WWE champion, he is still isn’t the face of the company and he still hasn’t main evented a Wrestlemania. Hopefully, he’ll get his chance at Wrestlemania 2014 against Stone Cole, Steve Austin? This was a captivating look at where CM Punk has been, but what’s probably more captivating is where CM Punk is going?

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