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Home | Film Review: I’m Dead (Io Sono Morta) (short film) (2011)

Film Review: I’m Dead (Io Sono Morta) (short film) (2011)


A couple of friends in a nature hike, what was to be a quiet day of relaxation, you will soon become a nightmare without end …


Borrowing a sense from the wave of brutal and violent, I’m Dead (Io Sono Morta) is a short film in the tradition of cruel and unnatural. As we join our couple about to profess their love to each other, the girlfriend Lisa is dragged away only to be bound and gagged. Her boyfriend not far behind, is slowed up with a bear trap wrapped around his ankle leading him to our mystery abductor.

Lisa is found chained to a table about to be tortured. Our unlikely figure, pale and skinny, begins to inflict torture on this poor gal or what we assume is no apparent reason. “I’m Dead” builds on the tension of the actors by providing a very cinematic looking short that spares no moment in layering on the visceral.

What I love about this piece is not only its professional look but that it actually moves past the tension in order to build up to a surprise ending. One that we wouldn’t have seen coming.

Offering us glimpses of blood, gore, and inflicted pain, the director Picone gives us just enough to swallow saving the frames in between for our imagination to build upon. A unique violent piece that you don’t see often (especially in these short films). Francesco Picone is undoubtedly ready for prime time with his careful framing and directive eye.

I’m Dead (Io Sono Morta) (short film) (2011)

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