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Film Review: The Code (short film) (2011)


This was made for the SPLATTERFEST WEEKEND OF MAYHEM. Winner of 11 awards including Best Picture, Audience Favorite Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Director. For more details on Splatterfest, visit www.splatterfest.com.


As a couple engage in their first date they are inundated with the swarming of Zombies and a masked psycho killer.

Things get a bit rough when they stop the party to argue over who’s day it is for killing. In this parody on mash-up horror films, they even have to ask an unaware bigfoot to come back later. Chad the p*rn star finds that’s his date is no dis-empowered female when she announces that she is Van Helsing herself.

This short which was featured on “funny or die” may fly by pretty quick but will brighten your midday work routine. Winner of a few awards, it’s good to see that audiences still keep their sense of humor. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at one time or another in this wave of monster mash-up tv shows…..Are there too many creatures on set? A good time with a solid pinch of humor. Check it out below.

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