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‘Zombie Apocalypse’ coming to DVD and Blu-ray

When Zombie Tigers Attack! Catch the Top Rated Syfy Hit ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
Golden Globe® Winner Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning and Leslie-Ann Brandt Star in the Pulse Pounding, Adrenaline Pumping, Pure Horror Fun Debuting on DVD, Blu-ray™ and On Demand December 27th

Golden Globe® winner Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Taryn Manning (TV’s “Hawaii Five-0,” “Sons of Anarchy”) and Leslie-Ann Brandt (TV’s “Spartacus”) battle the living, feeding nightmare in Zombie Apocalypse, debuting on DVD, Blu-ray™ and On Demand December 27th from The Asylum. The cast also includes Eddie Steeples (TV’s “My Name is Earl”), Johnny Pacar (TV’s “Make It or Break It”), Gerald Webb (Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Battle of Los Angeles) and Anya Monzikova (Iron Man 2).

The film, which debuted October 29, 2011, as part of Syfy Network’s Saturday Original Movies, garnered the most watched Saturday Original movie of the year among adults 18-49 and 25-54, with 2.1 million total viewers. Zombie Apocalypse will be available on DVD for $14.95 SRP and Blu-Ray for $24.95 SRP.

Ramona (Taryn Manning), Billy (Eddie Steeples) and Kevin (Gerald Webb) have just come down from a hideaway in the mountains months after a zombie apocalypse. They are immediately beset by a dozen zombies and rescued by Mack, Cassie, Hammer, and Julian who are on their way to Catalina Island, the last refuge of humanity. They take the newcomers under their wing as they hunt for supplies, kill massive amounts of zombies, and try to survive.

Director by Nick Lyon from a screenplay by Brooks Peck and Craig Engler, Zombie Apocalypse was produced by David Michael Latt, Paul Bales, and David Rimawi.

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