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Interview: John Brodie (Dark Night of Soul, Montauk Unveiled)

I have recently had the pleasure of speaking with John Brodie (Sins Of Government, Cottonmouth)! He is one of the most original people I have ever gotten a chance to speak with and one of the biggest hearted.I will warn you that John has some different views and opinions that do not exactly reflect those of myself, HorrorNews.net, or any of our affiliates. But he never asks you to believe them, just look into it.

So without further ado, Mr. John Brodie: 

Heya John! Thanks for talking with me! What’s going on?

-Right now, just still doing Cottonmouth promo and working on fixing some PayPal buttons on my site: www.thedragonflygroup.org

Tell us a bit about your first movie “DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL”.

– Well, Dark Night of the Soul was the final title given to the film. The script was called “Black Opium Graveyard Man” and was about a guy who worshipped death and hung out in graveyards. He created a special opium called “the opium of darkness” that would make him see into other dimensions and communicate with these zombie like servants. He would then kidnap college kids who wandered through the graveyard to teach them his bizarre life philosophy using this opium and revealing secret information through the use of Tarot cards.

What inspired you to write that script?

– I wrote the story in 1997 and I was trying to come up with something truly original, not gory, but freaky that had never been done. I wanted the dialog to carry the film, something that I had not seen in a movie before. I contacted Ron which was the only film maker I knew at the time, flew him out to Miami after 3 months of pre-production I did alone, hired some Miami actresses and actors, one who had been in “Who’s the best” martial arts Marq Withers and an actress Michelle Cantwell that was a model and had a small role in “8mm” to play the seductress Evelyn. We shot the first night at a real monstery in North Miami and the rest of the film was shot on a set we built in a state park near my home in Kendall, Florida. 

What unexplainable events transpired while filming?

– A lot of strange things happened during and after filming. During filming, the first night at the monastery wind and rain would appear out of nowhere and then it would be clear. Florida weather is weird anyway, but not that weird. Then when we moved to the state park where the ‘cube scenes” were filmed a hailstrom nearly destrroyed the set and made the rest of the night ice cold. The fiilm was shot in 4 consecutive 16 hour days. On a couple of occassion mainly while I sat on the ‘cube” during the opening scene of the film and during the “cube of bondage” sequence I blacked out for a few seconds and literally forgot who I was. That has never happened to me before that or after. Since the film has been completed Ron’s sister turned up murdered in L.A., I went into a deep depression and addiction that took me a year to pull out of, one the actresses in the film, the brunette Helena went into Doing p*rn, when she was shy to take off her top on our set. A lot of bizarre things happened.

They banned me from the monastery and have since allowed no other films to be shot their without approval of the script. The film was released on DVD in 2005 and can be had at: www.thedragonflygroup.org Ron re-edited the original cut and we re-titled it “Dark Night of the Soul” which sums the film up best. I heard rumors it was being used at college drug parties to freak people out, newbies into new frats while on certain substances at Penn State to be exact. I am unsure if this is true or not. 

I recently got a chance to watch ‘Sins Of Government’ and have to say it is a very interesting film. Some of the content could be misinterpreted as complete anti-republican propoganda rather than a film about the possibilities of other life forms that may control the government. What were you trying to convey through this film?

The reptilian connection to our governments in part one of the film “Rites of the Illuminati”, we shot this right around the time the Iraq war began and there was a lot of anger over the war and what Republicans were doing. I think both parties are controlled. There are just two management teams vying for the same job. My personal views are more in line with the Democratic party but they are just as guilty as the Republicans in terms of where our country is. I just wanted to present the reptilian element that very few films had ever done. “V” the old NBC mini series did it pretty well and a film called “Enemy Mine” with Dennis Quaid which I like a lot did it, but not the harsh reality of it that we tried to do in “The Sins of Government”. Ron and I were handcuffed with literally no money, everyone worked for free. We got one of the crew’s brother’s chiropractic office to shoot a lot of the film and the lights were actually “borrowed” from Ted Michael’s warehouse in Las Vegas. The main thing I wanted to convey is people in power are selected, not elected no matter how it seems. In large part many of these families 300 to be exact under the big 13 elite families have been in control of the U.S. since it was founded. All president’s are related through the blood, every single one, even down to Obama who is Dick Cheney’s cousin and this is common knowledge.

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The second part “Ultra” was to show some of the horrors of mind control programming that went on under MkUltra and everything shown is based on survivor stories like being forced to drink urine, etc. Cathy O’Brien a former CIA slave details much of this in her eye opening book “Tranceformation of America” other parts were revealed by former illuminati mother goddess Arizona Wilder who conducted rituals for these people and saw some of the most famous people in the world at these rituals that involved the sacrifice of infants, adults and also forced possession. People being forced to house astral entities. But I see good and bad in both parties. I am pro 2nd amendment and 1st ammendment. What bothers me is most of the people who think their republican leader or Christians and they are the exact opposite. The illumianti is notorious for using reverse symbolism. 

Well that had to be fun! Haha You have been in a few productions, one of them being ‘Sins Of Government’ . Tell us a bit about that film and why you and Ron Adkins decided to make it.

-It was painful but it had to done to get the shot. The Sins of Government was based on two short scripts I had written “Rites of the Illuminati” and “Ultra”. One was about some politicians actually being part of reptilian bloodlines meaning their blood has a high copper content hence the term “blue blood” and gives them a very different mind set than the rest of us like no compassion, violent aggression and an elitist divine right to rule attitude. The other Ultra is about the CIA’s Muttra project in which they used trauma based mind control to program people. This was a carry over from the work of Mangle in Nazi Germany who perfected the technique. They would beat people, use sexual trauma, kill kids in front of other kids to split their personality. It was pretty sick. I had worked with Ron on Dark Night of the Soul a few years earlier and I flew out to Vegas and we put together a crew of artists to shoot these two segments into one film. Everyone worked for free, our entire budget for the film including my flight cost from Miami to Vegas was $1000 and that is no joke. That is where I met Chris
Garetano on the set of that film as he was shooting Horror Business.

The government is controlled by these ‘Blue Blood’ who are somewhat reptilian. Now is this concept fiction or is there fact to it?

-This reptilian origin thing has been brought more into the light over the last 8 years by guys like David Icke with his book “People of the Matrix” and “The Biggest Secret”. There are 13 families and 300 lesser families that control the world. Bush is one of the 300. The main 13 are names like: Windsor (royal family in England) and Rothschild, Romanov in Russia among 10 others that people can find in the books mentioned. I am an astrologer and metaphysician and came into this information while taking a trip to Peru and meeting with a group of people who claim they had contact with beings from the largest moon of Jupiter called Ganymede. I self published two books in 1997 “Extraterrestrial Astrology” and “I Visited Ganymede”. This was before I knew the depth of situation we are all in. Psychic self defense is what I am into now more than every using specific things to ward off mind control which is everywhere. But no, this is not fiction, we all have alien genetics that is why people look different. Chinese, Indian, Black we are genetic hybrids and this is in the Bible in Genesis: “Let us make man in our image” is says.

Some of these beliefs also carry into a documentary you and Christopher Garetano have developed named ‘Montauk Unveiled’. What is this film about?

-Montauk Unveiled, Chris and I have been working on for over 2 years and is about The Montauk Project and the people who claim they were involved. It will be the first documentary of its kind on this subject. Basically between 1970 and 1983 secret experiments were said to have gone on at the old Camp Hero at Montauk Point, New York. Time travel, mind control, alien contact, sexual ritual, psychic experiments all were said to have gone on at this derelict, creepy air force base that sits at the very tip of Long Island and is now part of a State Park. The strange thing is they give you a pamphlet that says do not use cell phones, radios or other electronics while on the base because you may detonate unexploded ordnance. What? You are going to open a state park with unexploded ordinance that could blow people to bits? Bullsh*t! It’s because it will interfere with what they are still doing there. When we drove a car onto the base all we got was feedback on the car radio, it was weird. The manholes are bricked up. It is a spooky place. The men who claim to be involved also claimed that Chris and myself were there are were so called “Montauk Boys”. Stewart Swerdlow one of the men interviewed claimed he remembered us being there. Chris and I have no recollection of this. But I have gone deeper into mind control studies because of this film and on my site: www.thedragonflygroup.org give people items and methods they can use to offset all the electrical ELF frequencies all around us from cell phone towers, computers, the works. But this film will be the first of its kind. 

You and Christopher also collaberated on another film with this Directing/Producing and you starring it. Tell us a bit about Cottonmouth and your involvement with it.

-Chris and I were in the early stages of Montauk Unveiled when he told me about his short film Cottonmouth and he was looking for someone with an overhanging brow to play the part. As we sat together he Looked back and forth at the comic and my face and asked me if I would be interested in playing the part. I said sure, I remembered the comic back in the 80’s and that creepy story. 

So you ultimately played the part of ‘the exec’. Weren’t you covered in real bugs for the part?

-Yes, initially during the main shoot at Hofstra Univ, it was just a few worms that were on my face. However, the final night of shooting I was literally buried alive my face anyway, covered with at least 75 crickets and probably 15 to 20 worms that starting eating into me. You have to do what you have to do for the part but that last night was rough. Chris and others were right there to help me and brush them off once we go the shot. 

Cottonmouth can be seen at www.Cottonmouth.tv
Tell us a bit about your personal website.

-The Dragonfly Group site: www.thedragonflygroup.org is a site of mine where people can learn a bit about psychic self defense and how to protect themselves from mind control as well as a place they can purchase books I have written over the years and DVDs of some of my films and other rare films. It’s also a place where people can donate to help us create more devices, books and methods to counter the effects of mind control and ELF, extremely low frequency vibrations. The powers that run the planet use technology to try and manipulate spiritual energy as well as human psychics to attack people, move certain countries mentally one or another and so forth. I am dedicated to putting a stop to this one way or another.

What’s next for John Brodie?

– Finish Montauk Unveiled as well as the companion book to the documentary which will tell the story of journey Chris Garetano and I have taken since beginning this doc and all the amazing things we’ve learned along the way. Some true, some ridiculous and some we are unsure of. I eventually would like to have a spiritual school, retreat where people could come be initiated into the Tarot and astrology and learn Kriya Yoga which has been the most important spiritual technique I have learned, it has to do with spinal breathing and gaining control over the lower chakras where they no longer pull you into desires for: money, sex, food/drugs, emotional swings & religion. You come above all these things, it is the cornerstone of who I am. Others may find other forms of Yoga to suit them fine, but Kriya is a combo of wisdom/devotion/karma and action Yoga. Kri ya, means ‘the soul in action’.

For more information on John Brodie and his films, go to:

Thank you so much for talking with us John!

– You are very welcome, I wish all who reads this peace, because without that you really have nothing.

Thank you for dropping in for this very unorthidox and interesting interview! I personally adore John and hope you guys found the same admiration as I did. Make sure to check out his websites and keep your eyes open for his upcoming projects!

Interview: John Brodie (Dark Night of Soul, Montauk Unveiled)

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