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Deftone Pictures Studios – pumping out the Horror!

Buffalo based production company DefTone Pictures Studios, the outfit behind the zombie feature The Final Night and Day and the controversial grindhouse short Black Guy on a Rampage, has announced its slate of upcoming film projects.

First up is Black Guy on a Rampage: Homicidal Vengeance, in which the titular character portrayed by Alexander Sloan McBryde exacts his final revenge upon the criminal (Richard Satterwhite) responsible for the murders of his family members; Kathy Thiel co-stars as an assassin. Writer and director Adam R. Steigert has released the trailer for the second installment, and is gearing up to shoot the final chapter, Black Guy on a Rampage: Angel of Death. DefTone is releasing a Limited Edition DVD of the first BGOAR, which will play the film festival circuit beginning this October, and has just made it available as a $5.00 download on its new website.

The indie studio currently also has three features in various stages of production. Bitez: the Fever, a zombie film written and directed by Mark Mendola, is a sequel to an earlier project co-directed by Steigert and Stephanie Andrews, DefTone’s founding members. Losing It, a romantic comedy written by and starring Julian Dickman, who’s co-directing with Steigert, is enjoying a lengthy production process for an unusual reason: because the film tells the story of an overweight man who loses weight to win the affection of the woman of his dreams, shooting is coinciding with Dickman’s real life weight loss.

The most ambitious project is DefTone’s upcoming roster is Ombis, a 1950s style alien invasion film complete with ray guns and flying saucers, which Steigert will direct next summer. Casting has already been set for the epic, which will feature props and model spacecraft created by Mendola. Special make-up effects artists Jill Jovic, Phill Beith and Allison Kellerman recently conducted a face casting session for actor rich Winiatowski at Tom Savini’s make-up school in Pittsburgh.

Andrews believes the diversity of subject matter reflects DefTone’s mission to expand into a full fledged motion picture studio. “As one member of the DefTone team, I can say that we all strive to create new projects and embrace new ideas, working with other local members of the Buffalo film community to bring those ideas to life.”

All DefTone Pictures Studios films are available on DVD through the company’s website and The Final Night and Day is also available on Blu Ray.

Specs for Black Guy on a Rampage DVD:
∙Interview with Director/Writer/Producer Adam R. Steigert and star Alexander Sloan McBryde
∙Commentary track with Steigert, co-producer and co-writer Janeen Avery, and McBryde
∙ Subtitles: English/ French/ Spanish
– Interactive DVD menus

Price: $10.00 plus shipping and handling. Product will not ship until October 14th 2011.
DefTone Pictures Studios: https://shop.deftonepicturesstudios.com/

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