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Film Review: Souls of Mischief (short film) (2010)

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Timon and James decide to visit their old catholic school before its demolished but when a familiar face shows up, it instantly brings back haunting memories.


Welcome to Dreadville V: Souls of Mischief, which I believe has been shorted down to just “Souls of Mischief” is a 45 minute short film by Jason Patfield and JD Scruggs. Under Bublenutz Productions, they have created a familiar return to the Tales from the Dark side style of short films that ends on a resolve and surprise note.

After viewing, it was apparent I had seen this premise done somewhere else but just couldn’t place my finger on it. None the less, “Souls of Mischief” is a tidy little piece that has 2 friends, James Bato and Timon Morales  getting involved into area’s they shouldn’t when they spot an old preacher they were tormented by in grade school. A creepy bag lady freaks Timon out a bit when she also seems to disappear…..an omen?? Perhaps.

Father O’Malley (Will Cummings III) is a mean old tart who just by his nature alone is assumed to be up to no good. I think Timon and James were just too tempted by getting some dirt on their old school teacher any way possible. I don’t think they expected what they found, which draws immediate concern.

Father is looking rather suspicious as he heads inside a building they happen to be close to. When James and Timon hear the cries of a young girl, the stakes are raised.

The two do as you might expect trying to say the day  and taking on one rather mean axe welding Preacher. Though the rest you’ll have to delve into yourself, in this cool little piece.

There is not too much in the way of fanciness here, with camera work that goes for a story telling approach than an art film approach. I think you’ll like this movie if you get a chance to see it at festivals. You can tell it was built around a solid idea and that’s always a good thing. Souls of Mischief takes an honest approach to some great storytelling.

Souls of Mischief (2010) (Short film)

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