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Comic Review: The Vault – Issue 1

A team of experts have gathered on an expedition visit to Oak Island, a mysterious location that is rumored to contain the whereabouts of lost treasures. Headed by Gabrielle Parker and Dr. Michael Page, they are determined to excavate a dig in the hopes of buried treasure that will fund their expedition and bring them great profit. This location has been known to treaure hunters for close to 2 centuries but has always ended in tragedy making it cursed spot.

With the help of other colleagues they have located another target location off the coast of Nova Scotia. This time, the team is ready with its high tech devices and equipment. The location is known by its urban myth name of “The Graveyard of the North Atlantic”.

In this first issue we meet the crew who even make some headway in the dive. When they retrieve several chests of buried treasure they are surprised that the items although worthy are no where near to their expectations. This convinces some of the others that their must be something further down with higher value. Its even more apparent due to the secrecy that this spot has been kept and the efforts that went into its hiding.

With the help of a mechanical digging machine called ROV, they indeed find something else. But what that something is may be an entire concern all together

This first issue reads great, like an action thriller you would expect from James Cameron. We’ve been in like situations before, especially in the cinema arena, Though I’m guessing that this series will dig deeper into some pretty grand discoveries exceeding any treasure hunters expectations. The book begins with a 1 sheet collage featuring imagery from the Paradise Lost story. This I believe is directly related to the story and how it will unfold.

This comic release by Image features the talents of Sam Sarkar and Garrie Gastonny. It’s striking cover is sure to pull in a few interested shelf hunters. Great work so far, that begins a 3-part series.

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