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Rutger Hauer = Van Helsing in Dario Argento’s DRACULA

I can’t lie to you, I have never really gotten the whole Italian horror thing. I mean, I watch them – I appreciate them but really can’t say I’m a huge fan of them When it comes to Dario Argento I have always found his films fantastic to look at but I could not even give you a clue as to what the majority of his films are about. Very confusing stuff.

I was kind of excited though when I heard that Argento was going to take a stab at a true classic – DRACULA. I knew from the moment I heard about this one that it’s chance of survival was going to rest squarely on the casting and tonight brought huge, huge news. Rutger Hauer will be playing Van Helsing in the film. Holy Crap!

Are you kidding me, this is freaking great. Rutger Hauer rocks and the thought of him and Argento teaming up is crazy stuff.

This one could lead to epic epicness.

Reportedly things are moving along quickly and Argento is fang deep in pre-production, he actually back out of the Horrorhound convention because things are steaming right along. Filming could start May 16th with a possible 2012 release.

If Hauer is on board so am I. Keep it here, updates soon.

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