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Film Review: Fringe (Short film) (2008)

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Young Madeleine thinks there’s a man in the dark. Her mother doesn’t believe her, so she sets about to prove it with her Polaroid camera.


There’s not a whole ton you can say in a review about a horror short that lasts only 5 minutes, but none-the-less this intriguing piece delivers on 2 common fears. One…someone or something in the house and two, the purpose of this unknown visitor. As a child runs about the house snapping photos like a personal paparazzi, he begins to capture glimpses of a potential stranger within. Just enough to reveal a foot, a shadow or a movement is enough to keep him on his toes. It’s the ignorant mother who brushes off his cries that ends up being the focal point here.

Director Tate Lown keeps it simple but yet manages still to send a chill within a short amount of time. Pieces like these are ones that tend to be effective in short doses. I think it also asks the viewer indirectly….what would you do? What if someone gave you a pile of photos and you began to see the presence of something that doesn’t belong….food for thought, terror for within.


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