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Interview: Barry Boschelli (Dear Mr Gacy)


Exclusive Horrornews Interview :
Barry Boschelli ( John Wayne Gacy’s childhood friend )
” Dear Mr Gacy,  Johnny & Me “


Special Audio Interview:



Barry was childhood friends with John Wayne Gacy and together they shared many adventures and struggles. Since John’s execution in 1994, Barry was encouraged by many to write about the Johnny that very few people had the opportunity to hear about. In writing this book, Barry hopes to shed some light on the other side of John Wayne Gacy and find spiritual closure for himself.

Barry collects various antiques and has a vast library on the Presidents of the United States. Abraham Lincoln holds a special place in Barry’s heart as they both hail from the great state of Illinois.

Barry is retired and currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming home of the “Daddy of ‘em all”, Cheyenne Frontier Days. He previously lived in Cheyenne 36 years ago and loved the “Wild West” so much that he returned in 2005.

Barry has a great passion for trains and he visits the Union Pacific Railroad Yard and two of the few remaining steam locomotives that are in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The newly restored train depot and museum are also places that Barry holds dear to his heart. He collects HO scale electric trains and has an elaborate HO train layout that is one of his greatest treasures.  

Barry has the privilege of residing with his three cats; Jumpy, Bootsy and Sharpy with whom he finds great pleasure and joy.



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