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updates on ‘Throwing Stones’ with new trailer!


This just in, from the team of Throwing Stones:

Video yearbook diaries will slowly be made available for viewers to unlock so they can learn more about each character before the web series begins.  When Assistant Principal Beckett set out to focus on fixing the ‘broken windows’ of Blair High, as an administrator he had a good idea of who to add to his list. However, when the journalism class set out to create a video yearbook for the school, he used them to explore further into the Blair student body to not only reaffirm that his targets were in fact correct—and also discovered some students who had been flying under the radar and added them to his Saturday School agenda.  The Mr. Beckett diary was recently unlocked on the web site.
The web series is based on the feature film

Here’s what some of the cast have been up to:

– Kayla Carlyle who plays Staci Lambert just shot an episode of the new TV show Chase
– Lindsay Seidel who plays Rachel Black can currently be seen on the SyFy Channel as they continuously run the horror film The Final
– Chad Cox who plays Mr. Beckett was just featured on the Fox hit TV show The Good Guys
– Rebekah Kennedy who plays Chrissy Holden just wrapped on Nic Cage’s upcoming film Season of the Witch
– Brina Palencia’s (who plays Finley Jaymes) feature film Summer Wars is about to hit selected theatres

key people involved in the crew that helped make the film

– Colorist Omar Godinez (I Spit on your Grave)
– Sound Designer/Sound Editor David Rosenblad (Suburban Nightmare, American Nightmare)
– Steadicam Operator David McGill (The Faculty, Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay)
– Cinematographer Kingslea Bueltel (the upcoming ABC show Ghost Breakers)
– Assistant Editor Sam Crutsinger (The Ant Bully, Carried Away)
– Script Supervisor Susan McGill (I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell)
– First-Assistant Director Richard T. Carey (Suburban Nightmare, Hallow’s End)
– Production Manager Nichole McCoy (movies for the SyFy Network, The Legend of Hell’s Gate)
– Co-Producer Ron Gonzalez (Beyond the Farthest Star, Doonby, Rising Stars)

Web Site: www.throwingstoneswebseries.com
FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Throwing-Stones-the-web-series/141275835885389?ref=ts
Production Blog: www.throwingstoneswebseries.blogspot.com

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