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Horror of the worst kind: Government to control internet???

While most of our horror reported here on horrornews.net is the typical fiction, scary or supernatural kind…there still are issues which to me are more horrific than the latest SAW films or what Stephen King is up to. Though it’s best to stay out of political issues, this latest article is more concerning as a whole to all of us. It’s been well documented about the recent crackdowns on internet piracy, but that’s a given. However while digging around last night I came upon this recent article that suggest a government take over of the internet.

“What we are talking about is Internet reclassification. What that means is the FCC – which by its own admission doesn’t have authority over the Web – would just vote itself said authority. By reclassifying the Internet – so that it would be subject to the same rules as land line telephones.”

“And we are on the verge of having this new world – the all-encompassing future of First Amendment free speech in America – swallowed up by three unelected D.C. bureaucrats and their Commission”

Read more of the article on Government takeover here

It’s easy to say, that if or when this happens, all the political agenda and fears will start to make sense. 2012 may have already begun…….they took all our jobs away, now they are pressing to control our internet.  Not too far behind perhaps our food supply???  Stock up on Top Ramen

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