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Slash creates Slasher Films company

If I asked you what GNR and horror films had in common what would you say? Horrifying lead characters? Okay fine but now they also have something else outside of the train wreck that is Axl Rose. Former Lead Guitarist for GNS and Velvet Revolver has started up a production company called Slasher Films. In a follow up to The Angry Princess’s write up on the new production company https://horrornews.net/16302/guns-n-roses-slash-get-movie-deal-nothing-to-fear-details/ we found this statement from Slash. “ I’ve always been a huge horror fan and creating films that take you back to the days where horror movies actually scared the hell out of you is something I’ve always wanted to do. My audience is made up of young, edgy, discerning consumers, with an appetite for quality and a hint of anarchy. “

Sounds great though let’s not get to excited yet. Once a trailer is released for Nothing to Fear and we can see for ourselves it’s not watered down PG-13 crap for a young audience or goes straight to DVD obscurity then we can get excited. For now I am just glad to see some excitement for the horror genre.

Source: slashfilm.com

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