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Antropophagus 2, New Upcoming Horror Film

Original title: Antropophagus 2

Production year: 2022

Production country: Italia

Lenght in minutes: 87’

Type: lungometraggio

Genre: Horror

Production: Halley Pictures

Distribution: Variety Distribution [Foreign]

Plot: A group of female students and their lecturer, Nora, camp inside a bomb bunker to do research on the theses they are writing. After being escorted by a sinister-looking janitor, the girls prepare to spend twenty-four hours locked in the bunker. In the middle of the night, two of them disappear without a trace. Nora coordinates the search, but soon the survivors find themselves trapped in a maelstrom of violence at the hands of an anthropophagous…

Artistic cast: Jessica Pizzi, Monica Carpanese, Giuditta Niccoli, Diletta Maria D’Ascanio, Chiara De Cristofaro

Technical Cast: Director: Dario Germani. Screenplay: Lorenzo de Luca. Subject: Lorenzo de Luca. Photography: Dario Germani. Editing: Marco Iacomelli. Music: Simone Pastore.

Official preview: Nuovo Cinema Aquila, March 25, 2022

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