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Cozy Up to a Teen Sleuth Audio Mystery This Weekend!

When the latest Tig Torres scripted audio mystery launched last month, our heroic teen detective and her sleuthing pals faced yet another serial killer in their beleaguered sleepy town of Hollow Falls. This week, LETAL LIT SEASON 2 posted its final episode which means:

  • The entire mystery is bingeable from start to finish — no excruciating cliffhangers!
  • We finally learn the identity of Tig’s nemesis and, in Scream-like fashion, it’s never who you might think at first.
  • The ongoing saga of Tig’s topsy-turvy life gets more wrinkles after the events of Season 1 and the tie-in novel by K. Ancrum.

As the first series from the comics-based creative studio Einhorn’s Epic Productions, LETHAL LIT launched EEP’s slate of original audio fiction targeted to teen girls that has helped them claim a unique area in the crowded podcast space over the years since. Season 2 helped EEP notch over 1 million downloads, and counting!

If you’re ready to deduce, dive right in on your podcast platform of choice.

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