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Official Fright Night Stage Play Script Trailer

Described by audiences as a “love letter to the film”, the official stage adaptation of the 1985 vampire classic, “Fright Night”, was written and directed BY a fan (James Michael Shoberg), FOR fans; and with the enthusiastic blessing of the original writer and director, Tom Holland. So, if you like what you see in this trailer, we ask that you please share the link and help us attract the attention of other theatre companies (both national and international), who may be interested in producing the play script—perhaps even bringing it to a theater near you.

“Fright Night” tells the tale of all-American teen and horror fanatic, Charley Brewster, “the boy who cried vampire”. Upon witnessing the very strange and unsettling nightly activity of his new neighbors, Jerry Dandrige and Billy Cole, Charley begins to suspect that Dandrige is, in fact, one of the blood-sucking undead. Given his taste for the macabre, Charley is unable to convince his mother, his girlfriend Amy, or his best friend “Evil” Ed, to take him seriously. This leaves him with little choice but to seek the aid of his childhood hero—a hammy B-movie vampire hunter by the name of Peter Vincent—whose perceived expertise Charley needs to defeat Dandrige and to protect those he loves.

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