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Asylum’s DEVIL’S TRIANGLE – Trailer + Theatrical/Digital Release Details!

Starring legendary cult action star Fred Williamson!

When a group of marine biologists crash land in the Bermuda Triangle, they realize they have stumbled into the lost city of Atlantis. But they quickly discover the city isn’t friendly, and its humanoid inhabitants are planning worldwide domination using the piles of weapons and technology that have fallen through the Triangle over the centuries.

Director: Brendan Petrizzo
Writer: Brendan Haley and Joe Roche

Producers: David Latt , David Rimawi , Paul Bales

Fred Williamson
Morgan Bradley
Alyson Gorske
Torrey Richardson
Mark Valeriano
Liam Hawley
Anna Shields
Alissa Filoramo
Jordy Tulleners
And Diana Prince

November 30th 2021 is the digital release; it will be in Theaters November 26th -> December 2nd.


Los Angeles CA, Laemmle Glendale

Cleveland, OH Hickory Ridge Cinemas

Miami, FL O Cinema South Beach

Minneapolis, MN Trylon Cinema

Kansas City, MO Armour Theatre

*The theatrical run will be one week.

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