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Out TODAY: The Devil Came Home, On Digital & On Demand

A Demon is Alive and Creeping Through Your Front Door in
The Devil Came Home

Available on Digital and On Demand October 22nd

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, announces the release of The Devil Came Home available on Digital and On-Demand October 22, 2021, and SVOD/Linear and DVD on January 18, 2022.
Imagine spending your life fighting for your country, only to come home and fight against something horrible possessing your mind, body, and soul. In this paranormal horror, Tim, a war veteran, and his wife have moved into a cottage in the countryside with his stepdaughter, hoping for a better life and some relief from his PTSD resulting from 22 years in the army.

Under the care of a psychiatrist, what is thought to be PTSD turns into something much more sinister. And then things get weird. A series of bizarre and intense events begin to happen to everyone in the house, and suddenly, Tim no longer claims to be Tim. Out of desperation, Tim’s wife calls in a priest, hoping anything can be done to return her husband back to their family.

The question is: is it something supernatural, or is the trauma of Tim’s mind manifesting itself?

This UK-filmed horror stars Greg Hobbs (Downton Abbey, The Truth) and Diane Ellis (Brumville), and is directed by George McClusky (Phenomenon, 4th Floor of Singapore, The Zombie King).

The Devil Came Home – Trailer from Distribution Solutions AEC on Vimeo.

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