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The Lockdown Hauntings, Starring Tony Todd – New Trailer

Horror legend Tony Todd stars in The Lockdown Hauntings, filmed in the UK while under lockdown with no crew.

Distribution Solutions, a division of Alliance Entertainment, announces the release of The Lockdown Hauntings available on digital and On-Demand October 19, 2021, and on DVD November 16, 2021. “The Lockdown Hauntings is a fast-paced mix of paranormal horror and detective thriller!” -UK Film Review You’re in a global lockdown. You can’t go anywhere, and no one can come to visit. But someone is in your home. You are not alone. And whoever it is, they are uninvited and unwelcome.

With the streets empty and free from human activity, it’s not just nature taking advantage of the unprecedented time. Spirits are free to roam. Some harmless, but some with evil intent. And one spirit, a notorious serial killer, is back from the dead. Where do you go when not allowed to leave?

How do you stay alive when a murderer can’t be seen? How do you stop a serial killer who is already dead? Brought to you by GVN Releasing, this paranormal thriller stars horror legend Tony Todd (The Candyman, Scream: The TV Series, The Flash), Angela Dixon (Never Let Go, Homeless Ashes, Adventure Boyz), Emily Haigh (Jane Eyre, Casualty), and was written, filmed, and directed by award-winning director Howard J. Ford (The Dead, The Dead 2, Never Let Go) in the UK during the global pandemic lockdown. The Lockdown Hauntings 2: Second Wave is already in development.


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