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Series Review: The Birch (Season 1)

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Crypt TV presents The Birch. Season two premiered on March 26, 2021. I watched season one of The Birch. What a wild ride we have gone through watching this wild summoned tree run amok. A group of people with secrets, heartaches, passions, dreams, wants, and so much more. Families with tension and fears. The Birch is a show you can binge-watch or take your time. It’s beautifully shot. The Birch tree itself, the character, the Birch is AMAZING. It is life, art, creation, death, and meaningful.



“A teenager seeks out the help of a monster who lives in the woods. Based on the short film, The Birch.


Episode 1: Through The Woods.

Episode 2: Postpartum

Episode 3: Blood Money

Episode 4: Thee Who Breaks Me

Episode 5: She’s Coming To Get Us

Episode 6: Skeletons In The Closet

Episode 7: Jailbreak

Episode 8: Creepy Eve Is The King’s Points Killer

Episode 9: Flesh and Blood

Episode 10: I Will Be Calm

Episode 11: Making Amends

Episode 12: Murphy’s Law

Episode 13: Love Is Colder Than Death

Episode 14: A Mother’s Love Never Dies


Okay, so we have fourteen episodes of The Birch. This is a refreshing series based on the short film, The Birch. The Birch (2016) was directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton. It was also written by Franklin, Melton, and Cliff Wallace. The Birch series was directed by John Ross and Amy Wang. The writing is excellent.

We meet Evie (Xaria Dotson). She’s walking home through the woods and encounters some mischief makers. “People are scum and the world is terrible,” that speaks volumes. Evie’s mom, Lily Grayson (Katie O’Grady) is buried close by. Evie is desperately trying to bring her mom back. She summons something else.

The show is pretty great from the start. Evie sees something she wasn’t supposed to see. Evie has an encounter with Thurston Polk (Dempsey Bryk) and he threatens her. Thurston’s uncle is Sebastian Polk (Michael Cram) and he’s some kind of bad dude.

Evie finds a strange object made out branches and twine. She does some detective work and it gets weird. We also Kelly Bernstein (Jy Prishkulnik). Kelly is searching for brother. Evie is back in the woods and summoning some more.

We meet the Bouchard family, Lanie (Midori Francis), Rachel (Marguerite Moreau), and Don (Wayne Pere). Lanie has her baby and it’s taken from her, and she has a nurse taking care of her. She goes back to school and has a bunch of stuff to deal with.

Ryan (Giullian Yao Gioiello) was hurt badly. He’s blaming Evie. These kids think it’s witchcraft. Meanwhile, Thurston is taking care of his little brother and trying to keep him away from the “family business.” Ryan’s mom (Pat Janowski) found her son in a horrible condition. The Birch is absolutely stunning. It’s a breathtaking work of art. The Birch played by Brady Romberg is “helping” Evie. We meet a possibly corrupt Sherriff Baker (Quincy Dunn-Baker).

Evie wants to stop everything but The Birch has other plans. I guess when you summon an ancient killer tree, you can’t really undo that in a day. She tries though. Thurston is trying to talk to Evie. Evie’s mom died of an overdose and Thurston’s uncle is responsible for selling the stuff. Evie’s got that look. She looks like she’s had enough. The Birch doesn’t take no too well.

Ugh, go figure this would happen. Thurston’s uncle gets him. Thurston wants out and Sebastian doesn’t want to let him go. It gets worse. Evie and her father are in trouble now. Michael Cram does a great job portraying this character. He plays Sebastian wickedly and with intent to get the job done. If you think The Birch is gone, it’s not. The Birch is coming….

The series is exciting, it’s refreshing. Evie has so much to deal with. The Birch is such a force. Sebastian has Gavin, this is upsetting. Sebastian is part of nature now.

Back to Lanie’s story. She got out of that creepy place they locked her in. Lanie just wants her child, Laura. Lanie’s father is only worried about his reputation. That is all he cares about. Lanie has her own way with The Birch. What a good series. The creativity is great. The Birch is a series I would recommend, and season two is out now.

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