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The Slaughterhouse Killer – VOD & DVD Release in April

VOD & DVD Release Date: Tuesday, 4/6/21
Available soon on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Fandango, Xbox, InDemand, and more!
Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the upcoming release of the horror-thriller, The Slaughterhouse Killer! This nail-biting suspense and
gut-wrenching horror film is a uniquely Australian experience in cinematic terror. Director Sam Curtain mixes small-town life with classic horror films such as “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” and “Maniac” to create a terrifying, nihilistic expedition into the darkest aspects of human nature.
Director’s Statement

From the initial story’s inception, I wanted to achieve two things. I knew I wanted to create an exciting, visceral, violent horror film. But I wanted all of the horror elements to be built around the relationship of the two central characters, Box and Nathan, and how their actions would affect those around them. The violent scenes shock and disturb because of the time we spend with our central characters in their normal life – going to work, having a beer or in pointless conversation. With the audience gaining an almost personal connection with our leads it becomes far more impactful when you witness these horrifying attacks.  —-Sam Curtain

LEAD CAST | Craig Ingham, James Mason, Kristen Condon, Dean Kirkright
DIRECTOR | Sam Curtain
WRITERS | Sam Curtain, Benjamin Clarke
PRODUCERS | Sam Curtain, Benjamin Clarke
GENRE | Horror / Thriller
LANGUAGE | English
RUN TIME | 78 Minutes


Small town living suits Box just fine. Blue-collar, safe, simple. A passion for slaughter keeps him in line at the local abattoir where he has the chance to quench his thirst for blood. When Nathan, a young parolee arrives in town, Box is instructed to take him under his wing, and soon the two men bond over a bloody murder. Unable to resist the temptations of blood, the two form a friendship revolving around their sickness for bloodshed. A friendship which is bad news for everyone in town as they become lambs for the slaughter used solely as entertainment for the duo.

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