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Horror/ Drama Streaming Series Announcement!

Director Adam Steigert is once again embarking on an impressive new adventure, this time he is behind the camera and in the Directors seat for A Grim Mini Series: Final Fracture starring Jamie Miller, Melodie Roehrig and Sean Sanders, written by Kristin Steigert and co-sponsored by 388Studios and Myindie Productions.

A Grim Mini Series: Final Fracture is shaping up to be a unique off shoot of a universe known as the GoreVerse of horror films and tells the tale of a Grim Reaper’s favorite “reaping”.

That’s right! Mr. Death himself, the GRIM REAPER is returning to streaming services in 2021! A Grim Mini Series: Final Fracture features a Grim Reaper working his standard 9-5 dead end job. Obsessed with horrific puns and flat humor the reaper tells the story of Dani and Samantha.

The GoreVerse follows a series of horror classics starting with Steigert’s first Directorial debut, 2009’s GORE and continuing his first solo project, 2013’s Ombis: Alien Invasion. He continues in continuity with A Grim Becoming (Dir. Cut releasing in 2021) STAR, FANG, and the highly anticipated The Horrific Evil Monsters releasing this year! Haven’t seen these films yet? NO PROBLEM! Steigert’s Directing style doesn’t require you to see them in any particular order.

Season 1 features series regulars Mark Bogumil, Sarah Jeanne, Haley Grogan, Steve Losey and Elisabeth Manente. Award winning Producer Tyler Ham Pong joins behind the lens for two episodes as Second Unit Director and Cinematographer. While still in production you can catch up on other GoreVerse titles by visiting www.388Studios.com or checking your favorite streaming platforms.

Attached are highlights from the first cast read, a short behind the scenes clip featuring What we know so Far about the project and scene frames from the title.

Cast Read highlights: youtu.be/hJr5waANqg0

What we know so Far: youtu.be/BdC13T6GaeY

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