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Scream for Christmas VOD release

Just in time for the horror holidays, Scream for Christmas is available on Amazon Prime. Three homicidal maniacs crash a cheerleader Christmas party! Cheers turn to screams in this Yuletide slaughterfest!

Directed by Rob Avery, director of Slashers Gone Wild and the upcoming Wrath of the Zombielord, this movie features tons of gruesome practical effects.

A Christmas party is interrupted by a violent psychopath in a Santa suit, a maniac with the powers of the Grim Reaper, a killer cheerleader, and a demonic ghost. There is no hope for them, watch as they DIE.

There has always been a dark side to Christmas holiday legends. You don’t just get jolly ole St. Nick delivering presents. Krampus shows up and punishes the naughty children. Fables were told to scare people into being nice. Horror movies continue this tradition.

Check out Scream for Christmas on Amazon Prime during your next holiday horror marathon.

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