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TUNE IN: Midnight Pulp Gores up for Halloween


Midnight Pulp, the popular streaming channel for fans of horror, thriller and action programming, has unveiled a full-throttle lineup of classic films and TV series intended to have viewers sleeping with the lights on. Starting October 30, these indie films will be featured on demand:


  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • The Hills Have Eyes Part 2
  • Blood Tide
  • Dream No Evil
  • Horror Express
  • Kolobos


On October 31, the free linear Midnight Pulp channel (available on Samsung TV Plus, STIRR and Plex) will feature a marathon including:

  • Hideo Nakata’s Ringu series and Dark Water.
  • The early 70s Dracula trilogy Evil Of Dracula, Lake Of Dracula and The Vampire Doll.
  • Episodes of The Complex and Ghost Theater.


Midnight Pulp, part of the growing DMR (www.digitalmediarights.com) OTT Channels group, is available at www.midnightpulp.com, and as an app on popular mobile and connected TV devices, streaming all things strange and on demand.


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