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Corpse Grinders – New Trailer arrives !


New international Trailer AND new RED BAND Trailer online – NOW !

‘Nice to meat you!’

The Corpse Grinders is a 2020 German-American horror film written and directed by german (based in Hamburg) filmmaker Timo Rose (Barricade, „Könige“ aka KINGS (2020), produced by Rose, Nils Henftling and Ted V. Mikels.

Main cast:

Max Evans – Nature TV series / Blood Feast (Remake)
Shawn C. Phillips – Assault of the Sasquatch; Ghost Shark; Grindsploitation; WTF! and many other horror films
Ted V. Mikels – director of THE ASTRO ZOMBIES & BLACK KLANSMAN
Donna Hamblin – Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead; Sinister; Bad Illusions
Anthony Straeger – Zyntrax: Symphony of Flesh, Beyond Fury
Yazmeen Baker – Ultimate Justice (with Marc DaCascos), Bloody Monster
Kristina Kostiv – German Angst, DeXit; Paraphrenia

The film is a remake/reboot of Ted V. Mikels’ 1971 movie of the same name.

The young Landau is the owner of the “Lotus Cat Food Company”. But the business is worse than expected. Landau is broke and can not pay its employees. In effect, Landau kills one of his employees the other day. Gradually, more and more employees and people disappear. One of the missing persons is Frank. His girlfriend Tessie sets out to search for him. And all traces lead to the “Lotus Cat Food Company”.

Check out the new international Trailer here

check out the NEW RED BAND Trailer here


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