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Don’t Scream Too Loud

Hot on the heels of two successful seasons of Future Darkly, a dark homage to science-fiction, Adult Time, the new speciality streaming site for adults, is set to release Under The Bed in October 2019. The upcoming series offers a serious take on horror within adult content production and is intended as a love letter from one marginalized cinematic genre to another.

Taking inspiration from the current horror revival as well as classic anthology series such as Tales From The Crypt and Masters Of Horror, Under The Bed is not a parody series, nor is it an over the top horror porn or hardgore project. It’s modern horror television for adults, that happens to have sex in it. The tone can therefore be expected to be dark and ominous. The acting, serious. The stories, solid. The overall product might be slightly campy at times, but everything will be done in a respectful way for both adult and horror viewers alike.

Created by Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills, an award-winning filmmaker who’s been known to constantly push the boundaries of what adult content can be, the upcoming series will feature four episodes from four different directors, released weekly throughout October. Mills is set to write and direct one of the episodes herself, while the three others will be helmed by a mix of talents from various backgrounds. AVN Hall-of-Famer Joanna Angel will bring her creativity to the project, as well as Éric Falardeau, a Montreal-based director known for 2012s cult feature film Thanatomorphose, and Fred August, a genre cinema enthusiast with a fashion advertisement background.


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