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Must-Watch Casino Movies

Casino movies have always been a big, fun part of the fil industry. The thrill of watching someone winning millions and millions of dollars, or pulling some legendary heist in middle of Las Vegas, has always been irreplaceable. The thematic has always been popular and demanded by viewers. From comedy movies like The Hangover, to heists like the Ocean’s franchise, there are a lot of films that will stay in people’s hearts for a long time.

They were so successful that the real life casino decided to do a crossover and name playing machines after some of the most famous movies. Of course, you got the gambling and heist films, but popular sci-fi franchises like the MCU carry the names of some slots. Nowadays, almost every casino has these games as a boost to popularity for their organization. So, which movies are considered a must-watch?


After deciding to help a friend pay off a loan, Mike, who is portrayed by Matt Damon gets in big trouble. The debt is at a Russian mobster Teddy KGB, portrayed by John Malkovich. He does not like to wait for his money. Mike literally puts his life in a game of Texas Hold’Em in order to save himself and his friend.

The Hangover

A comedy film about a couple of friends that decide to go to Vegas for their bachelor party. The plan is to spend the weekend and get back in time for the wedding. After waking up one day with no recollection of what happened the previous night, things start to get complicated very fast, until they reach a ridiculous peak. The movie has 2 sequels, and they are also fun to watch.


21 is a representation of how mathematics can be used as a powerful weapon in the illegal business. Six MIT students with the help of their teacher Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey), are trained to count the cards in Blackjack games. After reaching expertise level, they go to some Vegas casinos in the quest to win millions. But there is a small obstacle on the road, and that his Micky’s past that is coming back to him.


Croupier is a 1998 British movie about an aspiring writer stuck in place. In order to earn some money, he starts working as a croupier in a casino. The job soon takes over his life, and he gets drawn to the casinos. He starts drinking, manages to ruin his relationship, and destroys the life of fellow co-workers.

Ocean’s Trilogy

Team of expert heists led by Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who was just released from prison, start planning a big robbery in the middle of Vegas. The whole mission seems impossible, but not for this team. As a franchise with over $1 billion profits around the world, this is a must-watch. The whole trilogy is consisted of Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen. Big stars like Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon, and Bernie Mac are all staring in this trilogy. In 2018, a spin-off to the trilogy was made. Ocean’s 8 is a female team led by Danny Ocean’s sister.

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