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Hollywood’s Love Affair with Witchcraft

There is no shying away from the fact that contemporary culture is captivated by horror. This has many different and popular genres and one that Hollywood seems to enjoy is witchcraft.

Back in the day after a movie based on witchcraft or the occult becomes a hit in the United States, there would be a steady rise in interest with whatever the film was about and/or based on. The more successful the movie became, the more widespread the demand for more information on the particular characters and what they did. In addition, this obvious attraction and appeal of the particular film, would give rise to games, novels, tv series and various memorabilia. Examples of this include mFortune creating their very own Which Witch slot game to Harry Potter Cluedo.

The strong appeal of witchcraft is the very reason why Hollywood loves the genre. The fascination with the dark arts and how it transcends all cultural as well as regional boundaries; gives any film based on the topic an extremely good chance of being a success. Witchcraft appears in many movies and series that are very popular globally such as The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Bewitched and the extremely popular one Harry Potter. In Harry Potter especially, a lot of occultism takes place which is hidden behind the humorous moments, which amuses kids and ultimately makes them interested in the real thing. The funny thing is that Harry Potter books are next to actual witchcraft books in many book stores.

Many believe that God uses television and film as a tool but then so does the devil, therefore it is sometimes claimed that Hollywood programs are used to seduce human minds. This maybe far-fetched to some, however, there has been a notable increase in groups of people practicing witchcraft and spell casting, with this pastime becoming an extremely popular phenomenon in Hollywood. In fact, we have even seen popular Hollywood actors confirming their interest and in some cases, devotion to witchcraft and/or pagan practices. All these factors can lead the general public to believe that Hollywood does have a strong, but weird relationship with the dark side.

On the other hand, there are others who think this love affair is mainly down to the profitability of witchcraft and everything else associated with the subject. Hollywood continues to make such movies and series because they benefit from it largely with it bringing in millions in profit. You only have to think about movies like The Witches of Eastwick which domestically grossed close to $64 million USD, The Huntsman: Winters War generated more than $164 million USD or The Chronicles of Narnia which grossed well over $745 million USD; to see the value of movies based on witchcraft. This is underlined even more so when bringing in Harry Potter, a Time Warner franchise which is worth in excess of $25 Billion USD and is still going up in value.

Therefore, it is clear to see why there is a love affair between Hollywood and witchcraft; and this relationship will probably get even stronger as time goes on.

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