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Interview: Marshal Hilton (Primal Rage, Bigfoot Return?) – Part 2

All of them were just so unique. The way they looked, their voices. They were awesome to work with. Casey and AJ! It was interesting because when I first arrived it was like a thirteen hour drive. I drove up there, I took my dog with me. We got up there at night and the vans started showing up with the rest of the guys and then we were in the parking lot at the hotel and Casey and AJ had come down. They had been up there for about a week filming their stuff and we got up in the middle of the shoot. They came down to meet us and I had kind of went a little method on my madness. I knew that she wasn’t going to like me in the story because she thought I was basically an asshole. So when she first came down to the parking lot and they go guys, this is AJ and this Casey. I looked at Casey and said, so you’re the little tart that’s going to run around in her underwear for the whole time. She hated me from that moment on! I could see it. Every morning it was just morning. It was cold, it was brutal. I’m smiling inside because I knew what I had done was probably right.

You had done the job! You made her dislike you and she was amazing!

Marshal- Yeah! I ended up finally coming clean with her at the very end and I said listen. But this is a year or two later when we shot the stuff in the den. I said, listen, I’m not an asshole. I’m really not, I told her why I did that and what I did and she just kind of looked at me and went, “you fucker.” Every time we had a scene I didn’t have to look to far to see just her hatred for me. It was very evident. She was probably burning holes in me every time she looked at me.

Maybe you helped her and made her do a better job? But she still did an amazing job.

Marshal- It is speculative and I am sure it added something. Look, it didn’t hurt. It would have hurt if she took it too personal and the performance suffered because of it. I don’t think that happened. It is probably a little bit risky and a little bit over-the-top to come into a relationship with somebody professionally calling her a little tart that’s going to run around in her underwear but that’s what she did in the movie. But in hind sight she smiled. I don’t know if she truly believes it but I think I got through to her at the end and I think came clean and she believed what was going on. It was fun! The entire shoot was really good. Patrick was a genius with how he set up the relationship between us and them. After that little incident in the parking lot, he wanted us to come in to this cafeteria area and he set me and all my crew right in front of them. Since they are all improv guys and they were all really into their characters.

Critter was Critter and they were all kind of obnoxious and surly and rude. We rehearsed that scene where AJ comes up and asks if we had a cell phone. And we did improv and they were just letting him have it. You could see AJ and he wasn’t digging it. He wasn’t sure what was real. The lines were blurry for a moment. He was getting very protective of her and he was kind of standing up in front of her. You could see they were just like Jesus and their looking at Patrick like what the f*ck did you do to me man? We were just shooting this nice little movie and you bring all these guys in here and they are killing us here. He said, okay that’s cool and everybody went back to their rooms and the plate was set. It was a lot of fun.

Okay, so what is next for you? What other projects are you working on?

Marshal- I’ve got a couple of things that are coming down the pipes right now. Obviously I am doing the media for “Primal Rage” and then this is going to go out to about 350 or 400 cities and I think they are going to do the same thing in Europe. As far as projects. I’ve shot a number of things that are at various level of posts. There is a film I worked on a year ago. It is a sci-fi project called, “Astro” and we shot it in Roswell, New Mexico and I am co-starring with a guy named Gary Daniels who has done a lot of work in action and martial arts. Me, him and Michael Pare, Louis Mandylor, Max Wasa. I got a chance to work with an old friend that I worked on his first movie back in 99. His name is Jesse Johnson. He does action movies, gangsters, flawed hero type movies.

He is amazing filmmaker. For what he does in that kind of genre he’s as good as there is. I got to come back and do a little work with him on a film called, “The Debt Collector.” It was funny. He is making movies all the time and he’s always got something going on. I just love him. I was at the gun range, I like to shoot. I was at the range shooting and literally this is how it happened. It’s crazy, Hollywood is all about timing. I was at the range shooting and I had my ear things in and my phone vibrates and I look at my phone and it’s Jesse! It’s a text and he says, I need you to play a crazy, road-raging Priest that is actually a gun runner.

Oh Lord, that is amazing!

Marshal- Right! I went WOW, so I put my phone down right and I put my hat on and I went crazy in my head and I filmed a video at the range. I said Jesse you mean like this sweet honey bunch right here! I was like *imitates shooting* and I was just acting like an idiot and I turned around and sent him the video. He sends it straight to the producer and all of the sudden about fifteen minutes later I get this call from this lady going, oh my gosh is that really you!? They go, so where are you and I go, I am at the gun range. Oh, okay! So I went in and did some work on that. I got a film that’s almost done called, “Echoes in Fear.” This is going to be kind of a really interesting character for me. You’ll trip out! I guarantee it you’ll trip out. Anybody that knows me will go holy shit, you didn’t do that. All I can say about it when somebody hands you a script and the character drags around a CO 2 oxygen tank on wheels and he smokes cigarettes. There is another one that’s out there, it is very obscure. It is called, “Nothing Like the Sun.”  It is based on a true story.

Now because you have done so many films and played so many different characters. Do you have a favorite character so far?

Marshal- So far! You know it’s a hard question. I’ve answered it before. Whatever character I am doing at the time is my favorite. To say one is better than another and that’s coming from me. I don’t want to insult somebodies own interpretation of something they’ve already seen. It is my favorite at the time.

Would you ever consider directing a film?

Marshal- I’ve had people ask me about that before and my answer is, I probably have enough knowledge to be dangerous. I can stay in my lane but to step out. I can never say that I would feel comfortable doing that unless I latched on to a couple of guys and I was working as an assistant or something like that to understand the craft of storytelling visually.

What would say to the fans and to the people that will be watching “Primal Rage- Bigfoot Return?”

Marshal- Hiking in the woods used to be fun!

See, I have learned so much from these films. Horror/Thrillers, action! You learn a lot and to stay out of the woods! (Laughter)

Marshal- You know it would be nice if “Primal Rage” did the same thing for the forest that “Jaws” did for the ocean! Right! Like, oh shit I don’t want to go in that water.


Marshal- It is dealing with a mythic legend, an urban legend. Bigfoot. I think if you were to ask anywhere in this country. You ask ten people, you ever heard of Bigfoot? Everybody is going to say, of course! So it is deeply seeped into what you would call brand awareness. Some people blow it off but they all know who it is. They might not believe it but they are aware of it. This is just a little bit of a different take as you know. I’m hoping that the distributor does not try to pigeon hole it as a Horror film. I don’t personally think that’s it’s a horror film, at all.  I think it’s an Action- Adventure Thriller with Horror elements.

I was thinking the same thing!!!

Marshal- You know, people are weird. People that sell products need to try and put them it into a box. They tend to box things because they know how to move them out and advertise them and sell them in that little box. When something comes out and it’s a little bit more broad. It is not a Horror film. It is probably closer to “Predator” and it has a little bit of feel of Rambo’s “First Blood.”

I would say so yes.  There is a lot of action.

Marshal- They are in the forest and they are hunting. It is kind of an action/adventure and thriller. It is a different spin on Bigfoot. If you see it saying Horror and you see it saying horror, give it a chance. I don’t think its horror. Yes there are grisly moments in it but there was grisly moments in “Predator” too. That wasn’t a horror movie.

And a lot of the Rambo movies had some extreme scenes.

Marshal- Totally shot all those guys with that machine gun and blowing people up and shit. Yeah, you were seeing limbs get busted up and flying everywhere. I do believe because it is a beast, they don’t know. There will be people that are fans of the supernatural and myth things that are Bigfoot guys. There probably, I don’t know what their take is going to be because his approach as you know this Bigfoot is very different.

This Bigfoot is intense and this is not the average Bigfoot! This Bigfoot does not want you in his woods! He is angry!

Marshal- It is not a warm, fuzzy creature and it doesn’t want to engage. This guy is intelligent, he’s primal, and he’s cunning and calculated. He is kind of a missing link in a way. It’s got a fun ride to it.


Marshal- How did you like the end?

My heart dropped. It was insane and I was sort of ready to scream sequel! Do you think you will be involved? They could do flash back scenes, the prequel?

Marshal- Yeah they could do the prequel! It’s ripe and its set! It catches you by surprise and I’ll tell you what if you have a chance to see it on February 27th in the theater. I know you may have watched the screener on a computer or a TV. You have got to see it on the screen.

Yes, I would love to see it in the theater and I watched it on my laptop.

Marshal- There are movies that you can get away with that and that’s cool. This is not one of those movies. The sound is amazing. When you see Bigfoot it is just gnarly.

I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! You are amazing! Thank you Marshal.

Marshal- I appreciate your time. I thank you very much. You are very kind.

Note: Marshal did an amazing shout out to Horrornews.net and all the fans.

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