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ANDERS MANGA releases new album, PERFECTLY STRANGER, First in 10 Years

Asheville, NC’s dark electronic artist ANDERS MANGA (also known from his synthwave project TERRORTRON and doom metal group BLOODY HAMMERS) released his first album in 10 years, PERFECTLY STRANGER, new years day on Bandcamp.

PERFECTLY STRANGER will see it’s official digital release on all other streaming services January 12 with a limited edition vinyl release in April via Sacrificial Records.

The album was recorded over the last 3 months of 2017 in Anders’ mountain cabin in Transylvania County, NC with all instruments, vocals, mixing and mastering done himself.

Statement from Anders: “I was in the final mixing and mastering phase in December when I got the call on the 15th that my sister, Renee Anders Barnes was unresponsive at the hospital in High Point, NC. I left the cabin studio immediately and drove all night across the state to the Hospital but she had already passed away.

My sister meant the world to me but sadly I hadn’t seen her in a few years so the news really hit me hard. After I helped make her final arrangements, I came back to the cabin and finished off the last few things I needed to do to the album. On New Years Eve, the same day I finished mastering it, I just decided to go ahead and put it on Bandcamp and dedicate it to my sister. I needed to get it out and behind me so I could clear my head.

I’m very proud of the album but will always associate it with this tragedy.”

US and European tour dates for 2018 will be planned and announced in the coming months.
ANDERS MANGA released his debut album, ONE UP FOR THE DYING in 2004. Music from the album was used in the WB TV show, Vampire Diaries. Last year, as BLOODY HAMMERS, Anders’ released ‘Lovely Sort of Death’ via leading metal label, Napalm Records ( noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/rnwap8/bloody-hammers-lovely-death-stream ) and “Orgy of the Vampires” as TERRORTRON, his synthwave series of scores to movies that don’t exist terrortron.bandcamp.com/

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